Utilizing Disposable Gas Cylinders

Published: 15th February 2011
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Small metal tanks or canisters that contain pressurized gaseous material like carbon dioxide, argon, nitrous oxide and nitrogen are called gas cylinders.The sizes of these disposable cylinders vary depending on the purpose for which these are to be used.Many industries like medical science, sports, recreation, aviation, military, manufacturing, construction and also the food and beverage industry find these disposable gas cylinders useful.These cartridges or portable cylinders are very convenient to use as they are very light.These equipments can be used in various area like food applications, propulsion, inflation, mechanical energy and evaporative cooling.

Carbon dioxide gas cartridges are used in the aviation and marine industry for inflating life jackets, personal flotation devices, and inflatable rescue equipments such as life rafts and rescue slings.Life jackets and life rafts are inflated by CO2 cylinders in the military.Other equipments like navy sonobuoys and equipment for submarine evacuation also need it.The performance of the gas filled cylinders in various industries can be excellent if they can meet up with the government standards and specifications.Motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts have included disposable CO2 cartridges in their quick fix kits should they need to inflate their motorcycle and bicycle tires while on the road.Another thing that can be inflated by this portable device is airbags.

Devices like the high-pressure drug delivery device used in the medical field uses these gas filled cylinders as they are its main component.Disposable gas cylinders have been the power source delivering precision and reliability in a variety of new generation medical devices used in surgery and other medical procedures.Various scientific applications need these portable cylinders to provide precise portable power to photosynthesis equipments, gas chromatography and many others.CO2 filled gas cartridges are used in the field of veterinary medicine as they provide a precise and controlled charge to anaesthetic devices that are used to sedate animals.The disposable CO2 cylinders are able to deliver just the right amount of portable power to ensure that animals are provided humane treatment.

The common thing nowadays is to use gas cartridges containing carbon dioxide as a propellant.Sporting weapons like soft air guns and paintball guns have these as the main components.As CO2 filled cartridges are considered safe, recreational weapons are powered by them.Those in the police and military use CO2 guns for training purposes.These cartridges are being used for special effects cannons and other non-pyrotechnic devices as propellants.

The food and beverage industry uses these cartridges when they are filled with CO2 or N20 gas.The CO2 cartridges are used along with the whipped cream dispenser in the preparation of whipped cream.To make soda water, one needs to use N2O cylinders and the soda siphon.Carbon dioxide cylinders are also used in dispensing beer from kegs.Wine can be preserved by typically using argon.To keep wines fresh especially older and less robust ones, argon gas is more effective than nitrogen gas although it is used sometimes.When it comes to sparkling wine and champagne, carbon dioxide cartridges are used to keep these from spoiling.Always use gas cylinders with HACCP markings for food preparations.


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