How To Make Your Boots Look Like New Again

Published: 07th June 2010
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Your John Deere Boots and Twisted X Boots are your best friends. Because you find them to be so comfortable and versatile you practically find every excuse to wear them. In fact you wear them so often that they actually tend to look a little battered and weary now. And so far, you are not loving their "look". But hey, if you do not really "dig" their current look, you can definitely do something about that. If your John Deere or Twisted X Boots are made of leather, why don't you give them a facelift?

How exactly you ask?

Well you can start with cleaning them. Cleaning your boots is not hard. You just have to wipe it down with a somewhat damp cloth every time you use it just so you can get rid of dust and grime. Again, the operative word here is damp and not wet. This is because if your pair of boots is not waterproof, you may end up damaging your leather shoes more. Also, try to choose a soft cloth to use. They are best because they do not leave any ugly scratches on your shoes.

Once your boots are clean, then give it some time to dry. Just let it sit somewhere and let the water evaporate. Do not and we repeat do not try even try to put them directly under the sun and/ or speed up evaporation using your hair blower because the heat will just make the leather crack.

Next, put on some life to your shoes by rubbing on some conditioner. The best ones in the market today are made of lanolin. After that, get your preferred leather polish and start polishing away. Doing this is beneficial because leather polish will not only make your shoes look better and shinier but it will also take care of the scuff marks on your shoes for you.

And when all of that is done, the last thing that you need to do is protect your leather boots for their next day out. Protection can easily be provided by water repellant solutions that are really inexpensive. After all that, you can be sure that your boots will look the same way they did when you first took them out of the box.

But, if you want to treat your boots somewhat better, your care for them should not stop there. Apart from doing all those things, you also need to be careful when storing them. As much as you can, try avoid putting them in a closet or cabinet that is damp and humid. Both conditions wreak havoc to the leather material of your shoes. Also, during summers or seasons where you do not really use them that often, make sure that you wrap them individually with shoe bags made of cotton or similar materials. Finally, use your boots properly. If you feel that it is going to rain then do not even attempt to wear them (unless if they are waterproof of course) instead, choose a more appropriate pair of shoes.


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