How To Make Good Whipped Cream Right From Your Kitchen

Published: 16th February 2011
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Its best to use the whipper and nitrous oxide gas cylinders to make fresh whipped cream.These great tools offer convenience and practicality in food preparation.Fresh whipped cream can be prepared much before your required time.Melting and flat whipped cream is something you do not have to worry about.You will get a frothy cream every single time whether as coffee toppings or as an embellishment for your pastries and gourmet dishes.These gadgets are loved by pastry chefs and gourmet chefs.

There still may be some who may find whipped cream from aerosol cans easier to use.It offers convenience as you can use them immediately after buying them from stores and using it requires no effort at all.Even though you think that store bought aerosol cans of whipped cream are convenient, the quality of the cream is not up to the mark.Home made whipped cream tastes far better than the cream from these cans.To satisfy the palate, convenient food preparation takes a back seat.One should also take care for this reason while making whipped cream using gas filled cartridges.You do not want carbonated whipped cream by mistakenly using carbon dioxide cylinders!

N2O cartridges and the whipper are the best tools to use for making fresh whipped cream.You need to first chill the ingredients as well as the bowl and whisk if you wish to get the correct consistency while making the whipped cream manually.You can double the volume of the cream and make it frothy by continuously whipping it.Always chill the bowl and the beater to get the desired result even when an electric mixer is being used.Though using the electric mixer is less time consuming than the manual method, it is by no means less messier.The mess in you kitchen while using a whipper, will take only a few minutes to clean.

All you need to do is pour the cream mixture in your whipper, charge it using the nitrous oxide cartridges, shake the dispenser a few times and you have your fresh whipped cream.The whipper needs to be turned upside down and then the nozzle should be turned towards your plate or glass and then the lever must be pressed.You will get a voluminous and fluffy fresh whipped cream.In order to get the same frothy whipped cream again and again, you can just put the dispenser in the fridge for up to 10 days.You can keep the cream fresh for 2 days due to the bacteriostatic nature of the nitrous oxide.

As the whipped cream made with the whipper and N2O cylinders is fresh and frothy, you can use it to add value to your food preparations.The whipped cream that is dispensed would add great value to you dish as it has a consistent voluminous quality.You only need the whipper and N2O cartridges for a luscious fresh whipped cream.The aerosol can version is not as good.The cylinders that you use are of food grade quality and that they contain CO2 are the two things that you must bear in mind.The cartridge should have an HACCP certification as it is to be used in food preparations.


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